Bike repair and services pricelist

Choose from our repair and maintenance packages.
01 Dec 2016
Archived: 2016-12-01

Choose from our repair and maintenance packages. We are happy to help you decide which service package you need. We use ParkTool products to guarantee perfect results.

BasicPreparing your bike for the cycling season

  • break set-up
  • derailleur set-up
  • wheel and rim truing
  • checking tyre pressure
  • checking mechanical part
  • greasing and set-up of headset bearings
  • greasing and set-up of hub/wheel bearings and monoblock
  • greasing of other bearings
  • greasing and/or replacing of cables by necessity 

Fee: 6,000 HUF

Full Full service repair

  • includes taking the bicycle apart to the smallest parts
  • cleaning and oiling/greasing all parts
  • replacing cables
  • accurate and expert assembly and set-up 

Fee: 12,000 HUF+parts

Servicing Servicing

  • After thorough inspection and discussion with the owner we are ready to execute all kinds of repair works with modern tools on short notice according to our fixed pricelist. 

Fee: 4,990 HUF/hour

Servicing Commissioning

  • Commissioning of new bicycles not purchased at K2
  • Commissioning of bikes you bought at K2 is of course for free. 

Fee: 6,000 HUF

Cleaning High-pressure cleaning

  • For tainted and dirty bikes we charge an additional cleaning fee.

Fee: 2,000 HUF

Please note: prices for the above service packages are subject to change and do not include parts, the indicated prices are labour fees.

Storage Storage

  • For bikes that are ready to be fetched by owner after the necessary repairs/services have been executed we charge a storage fee from the 4th working day after the agreed date of pick-up. 

Storage fee: 500 HUF/day


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