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Ciclosport CM 4.41A wireless computer

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No longer available
End of the distribution:
Serial no.: CICM441AP

Wireless cyclocomputer. Huge, easy to read 3-line display (up to 10% larger than in the previous model). Individually configurable display (Multi Choice System). Aerodynamic design, scratch resistant casing. Save your totals on your pc and set-up the device with a software interface. Ease of use due to integrated rubber coated buttons. Quick and easy to operate using the simple menu structure. Ease of use due to our Twist Klick handlebar bracket. Multi Lock handlebar brackets, also suitable for bike stem installation. TwolnOne System.
Bike functions: Speed (current/average/maximum), Speed comparisons, Trip kilometers, Programmable total kilometers, Trip/total time, Incline and decline display, TwoInOne System, Auto start/stop, Altimeter functions (current,     Home/starting point, Trip/total, Trip maximum altitude. Heart rate functions (current/average/maximum), Calculated optimal training zone (CicloInZone ®). Temperature functions (current/average/maximum)

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Manufacturer Ciclosport Ciclosport

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Type CM 4.41A
Wired/Wireless Wireless analog
Number of functions 13
Functions Can be used for 2 bikes, Actual temperature, Maximum speed, Trip counter, Trip ride timer, Current speed, Heart rate, With pc link, Current/avarage speed, Avarage speed, Total odometer